Director of Nursing, Cynthia Romeo, RN/Administrator, has assembled a top-flight staff of almost 20 nurses and support personnel at Memorial Endoscopy Center. Our core nurses have been providing patient care for almost 70 years total.

More importantly, these nurses have obtained a combined 35 years experience in the endoscopy field. With so much direct knowledge, the quality of the patient care experience is enhanced.

By design, the Memorial Endoscopy Center features highly personalized nurse-to-patient ratios in the pre- and post-operative areas to ease patient concerns. Prior to your procedure, your nurse will answer questions, take your vital signs and provide a special heated blanket. Afterwards, they will help review the instructions provided by the physician with you and your family.

The Endoscopy Technicians, who are in the procedure room assisting the physicians, are very experienced with over 22 years and are dedicated to confidentiality and great patient care. These Technicians ensure that the scopes used in the procedures are the cleanest of any facility and have the least amount of repairs performed.