If you're interested in scheduling a colonoscopy (CRC Screening), sigmoidoscopy, or an EGD, please call us at 713-468-9200.  If you require a referral, our staff can help you facilitate a referral. 

A pre-screening form must be completed prior to the scheduling a colonoscopy and/or CRC Screening. Once the form is completed, you will be able to click on "submit" to automatically e-mail the form to our office. Please give us a call either before or after completing the form if you are interested in scheduling a colonoscopy and/or CRC Screening.

Doris Johnson handles the marketing and business development for MEC. Doris meets with human resource directors, employee benefits managers, and corporate health and wellness managers to coordinate educational awareness classes, campus wellness events, and large-scale corporate screenings. If you would like more information about the Memorial Endoscopy Center's Corporate Care Program or desire CRC Screening literature to distribute to your employees or group members, please call Ms. Johnson at 713-468-9200 or email djohnson@mecllc.net.

IMPORTANT: The AMA recommends colorectal cancer screenings for both men and women beginning at age 50. Today, Colorectal Cancer is the second-leading cause of U.S. cancer deaths for both men and women. Deaths resulting from colorectal cancer are only second to deaths resulting from Lung Cancer. More lives are lost to colorectal cancer than breast cancer and AIDS combined. In 2005, an estimated 146,000 people were diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer. CRC Screenings Save Lives! Colorectal Cancer is Preventable, Treatable, and BEATABLE! Texas Legislature requires all insurance providers to cover CRC Screenings for all 50+ policy holders. Help increase awareness, talk about the 
disease with your family and friends. If you're 50+, schedule your CRC screening today!